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Music is the single most important touchstone of my life, and has always been, since my beginnings at the piano (classical) and as a boy soprano in a gospel quartet that sang on the radio in Natchitoches, Louisiana every Sunday morning. Later, as a Marine, I took violin lessons in Barstow, California, where I spent the last year of my four-year enlistment.

The bandmaster saw me one day walking and carrying my violin, and stopped to invite me into the Marine Band, Barstow. (No, there were no violins in the marching band! -- it's just that, since I was able to read music, he knew he could teach me a band instrument -- two really: saxophone and flute).

After my years in the Marines, I continued actively in music performance in college, in both instrumental and choral organizations. I have not been active in the past few years in performance, but continue to listen actively to music of all sorts.


When I was stationed in Korea, Marilyn Monroe came to visit us and sang "Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend"-- and I took a roll of film of her up on the stage. Only one scarred shot survived shipment to California of my effects aboard a military cargo ship.  That shot appears on Picture Gallery 4.

Click on image to see a series of action photos of Mahra in a paper-ball game.

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