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What is the "oddest" job you ever did for a living?

For about three weeks, when I was eighteen, I washed the udders of 175 dairy cows twice daily prior to attaching the electric milking machine cups, at the Louisiana State University Dairy where I was then a student. I was paid a small salary (but my first check was held up six weeks) and all the milk I could drink, or rather stomach. When it got so that I seemed to be able to hear the milk sloshing about in my innards as I walked from class to class, I decided to enlist in the Marines, serve my country, and come back on the G.I. Bill of Rights. The first question I asked the recruitment officer was, "If I enlist right now, will you take me to a restaurant and feed me? Anything other than milk."  

What is your educational background?

I had a somewhat long and varied series of studies in what used to be called, in more naive times, "liberal education" (i.e., free man's vs. that of a slave), mainly at the baccalaureate level, with majors in political philosophy and mathematics (concentration in mathematical logic) and with minors in music and general philosophy. I studied at Louisiana State University, Northwestern State University of Louisiana, University of Hawaii, U.C.L.A., California State University at Northridge,  Fuller Theological Seminary of Pasadena, and Sawyer Business College of Van Nuys, CA.

Click on image to see a series of action photos of Mahra in a paper-ball game.

Mahra at work (rear guard lookout, claws at the ready)


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