Online Anthology of Lyrical Audio Poetry in Modern English, recorded by Walter Rufus Eagles ad majorem Dei gloriam

  poetry for the ear in the tradition of blind Homer 


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All spoken voice  recordings on, its two front pages (index and default) and two alternate front page masters, and its 4,806 other files and directories not counting image files and music files, are licensed under a Creative Commons License unless otherwise identified on one of the pages.  Copying permitted.  Click next logo.
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POETICS:  You are hearing a keyboard work by Wm. Byrd, a contemporary of Shakespeare and the leading composer of Elizabethan England. The performance is by John Sankey, internationally noted Canadian harpsichordist, for whose gracious permission to play all of his works on I am most grateful.  I share with him the philosophy that a large amount of culture -- in his case music, in my case poetry -- should be shared with the world with no profit motive in mind. We owe it particularly to those who are coming of age in these troubled times, to pass on the sounds of eternal greatness.  A musical score (or a printed poem) is the "finger pointing to the moon; it is not the moon itself" [Zen saying].  The moon is the sounded song, the uttered word, a "miracle of rare device [Coleridge]" which we would not have were it not for the printed record.  For myself, the sounds themselves will be my only artistic legacy to the world, and this will occupy me, in pride and in humility, in pain and in ecstasy, until I die.  God and Western civilization permitting, there will be a trust foundation to continue this work, upon that eventuality, or, failing that, some other poet can take up the mantle.  He or she doesn't even need to wait: Take Andrew Marvell's advice: "At my back I always hear / Time's winged chariot hurrying near / And yonder all before us lie / Deserts of vast eternity."     Walter Rufus Eagles, May 19, 2004.

I append Mr. Sankey's statement of operations and philosophy, as follows:

"All materials presented on my site are Copyright John Sankey, 1939-2004, under the Berne convention in order to protect the right of all to continue to use them freely. Anyone may copy, link to, or distribute any of them as they are as much as they wish, as long as this notice of copyright and permission to further copy is distributed with all copies. That's the only restriction I put on them - that they remain absolutely free to all. No one may restrict their further use in any way, by collection copyright, physical copy prevention, or any other means. The courtesy of a site reference or credit is always appreciated."          -- John Sankey 

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