Online Anthology of Lyrical Audio Poetry in Modern English, recorded by Walter Rufus Eagles ad majorem Dei gloriam poetry for the ear in the tradition of Homer

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Dear Walter Eagles,

I have just found your page with wonderful readings of
poems, etc.

I am responsible for EducETH The English Page, an educational server
for upper secondary schools. This part of EducETH had 200'000 hits in

One of the pages is devoted to Shakespeare's sonnets. I list there
sonnets in audio version and have now added all of your readings,
simply because I think they are excellent. I am sure that teachers
and their students will benefit from listening to your readings.

Thank you so much for making this available to schools (and anyone
else of course)

Have a merry Christmas


Dr. Hans G. Fischer

Educational Server for upper secondary schools
Information for teachers of  English


Dear Walter – Amazing news [from you]. Terrific to hear that the site is getting so much traffic! I’ve had several students at colleges write papers on my poem and I wonder if it’s because of your site!

Keep flying to the sun!
Christine Hemp  USA

You can reach Christine's poetry site at and you can read her poem Icarus on this site at the Icarus page   - Editor


i really appreciate your effort in preparing such a good host of poems in their audio presentation. i love these immortal lines very deeply and it has been days since I began to find such a website dedicated to the classic poems recording. thank you very much! RE-ENTERED TODAY. MESSAGE WAS INADVERTENTLY REMOVED IN PROGRAMMING. -- EDITOR
Li Wendong, China - Wednesday, December 10, 2003 at 18:08:57 (MST)