poetry for the ear in the tradition of blind Homer 


 This literary site is dedicated to the memory of Mabel Fletcher Harrison, my English teacher from 1948 to 1952 at the Verda School in Old Verda, Louisiana.    

An actress as well, Mrs. Fletcher taught Shakespeare to us rural Louisiana farm children with enthusiasm and devotion.   Her history of Grant Parish, co-authored in 1969 with Lavinia McNeely, is a good resource on the area and its people.  

Fellow students once teased me about my voice.  Mrs. Harrison told the class, "He doesn't speak incorrectly, merely differently: he uses inflection."  (Those were the days of radio, and I had listened to all the dramas, comedies and melodramas, and unconsciously imitated the brogues, accents and idiosyncrasies of the human voice.)  My teacher gave me the validation to continue the rest of my life in audio poetry and voice acting.