poetry for the ear in the tradition of blind Homer



SwissEduc, Zurich, Switzerland, Dr. Hans G. Fischer,  for his encouragement and for including my 
    basic Shakespeare sonnet recordings

Prof. Katy Stavreva at Cornell College Suggested Listening for English 211 for including my readings of John Donne's sacred poetry along with Richard Burton's readings of Donne's love poetry under Renaissance resources.

West Virginia University at Parkersburg, Dr. Rebecca Phillips, for including my Yeats and Hopkins recordings in her English 262 "Useful Links" directory.

J. W. CappellensForlag AS (Norway) Tapestry syllabus: Making of the Modern World,  for including my recordings of the British WWI casualty, poet Rupert Brooke.

Li Wendong, China, for the encouragement.  See Guestbook.

John Sankey, Canadian harpsichordist (Wm. Byrd keyboard music),  for permission to use his recordings.  

Charles Curtis (Internet Renaissance Band), California State University,  Pomona, for permission to use his recordings.