Online Anthology of Lyrical Audio Poetry in Modern English, recorded by Walter Rufus Eagles ad majorem Dei gloriam poetry for the ear in the tradition of Homer

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SHASHKA [0:36]

Photograph of David and Shasha by Marilu Eagles.  Click to enlarge.

An Elegy

+ + +

Born in the winter snows of Siberia

Your ancestors pulled the sleighs

Of White Russian czars

On their way to Manchuria

In Lapland and Alaska

From the wolf-pack of the forest

Down to Sun Valley.

+ + +

I named him Shashka,

Russian for strength.

I remember him pulling Randol

On his skateboard,

A family friend

And protector of our home.

+ + +

May your spirit pass on

And into the body of a white horse,

Or become a puppy

And we will all watch you grow.

+ + +

by David Bryan Eagles

a.k.a. Merlin Pendragon